Who are "The best Bayern with the ball".

Fight for the unique title together with your stars: “The best Bayern with the ball”. In this fan dream you have the choice: Are you standing alongside the football record champion or will you support the basketball giants?

However you chose: You will enter this competition side by side with your stars. Fight with the stars in one team. At the finale, together with the Bavarian professionals, you will compete in three thrilling disciplines and play for the win – against the professionals and fans of the other team.

Register now, convince the jury with your commitment and use your chance of playing in a team with your stars for the title “The best Bayern with the ball”.

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Fandream "Football vs. Basketball"
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DANILO BARTHEL, Power Forward of FC Bayern Baskeball

"The best with the ball” can only be us. After our bluff during the video shoot, the footballers probably underestimate us. And we are entering the finale with the best fans in the world. We are counting on you – join now and win the title with us.

MATS HUMMELS, Defender of FC Bayern München

Of course we highly respect our basketballer. But we are sure that we are the best Bayern with the ball. Especially together with our fans. So apply and help to win “Football vs. Basketball”!

ALEX KING, Small Forward of FC Bayern Basketball

This is a great idea. You see, the footballers are record champion – but we are the masters in the court. This is going to be really close. But our fans are on fire for us and I am sure, we will win this. If you help us. So join now!

JEROME BOATENG, Defender of FC Bayern München

To be honest: I always wondered: Who is better with the ball – the basketball players or us. But side by side with our fans, the answer is clear. Apply, show us what you are able of and we will settle this. Once and for all!

HASAN SALIHAMIDZIC, Team-Captain Football

This is going to be a legendary finale against the basketballer. I am sure, Steffen will field an amazing team. But we are the footballers of FC Bayern München and we have the best fans in the world. We will win this and that´s final!


Accommodation and catering

Paulaner invites you to Munich and takes care of your accommodation and catering.

Convince the jury

Convince our jury with your abilities with the ball and in the Bavarian discipline.

Become am member of the team

Become a member of the team of your stars and compete side by side with the professionals in the finale.

Make your dream come true

Walk in with your stars at the finale in Munich and fulfill your Paulaner Fan Dream.

Now it's up to you

Show your abilities in football, basketball and the Bavarian discipline and make points.

Win the title

Fight together with the Bayern stars and win the title "The best Bayern with the ball".

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